offers its customers a wide range of orthodontic products and brands, becoming the one-stop-shop for many of our customers.

  • Over 4,000 orthodontic products
  • 38 different orthodontic brands (3M Unitek, Leone, Forestadent, Hu-Friedy, Reliance Orthodontics, G&H Wire, Ortho Technology, Raintree Essix, Dentronix, Yamaura, Dr. Hinz, ...)
  • Top products: Transbond, Clarity, Victory, SmartClip, Ortho FlexTech, Bond a Braid, Light Bond, Rely a Bond, Assure, Excel, Copper NiTi, TMA, Lotus, Resilience, Pure, Fuji Ortho, Mini Molds, Heliosit, and many, many more. Exceptionally low prices in Orthodontics

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