Ortho Organizers

For more than 35 years, Ortho Organizers®, Inc., has been a leading U.S. manufacturer of orthodnic products for the domestic and international orthodontic markets. In 2008, Ortho Organizers became a member of Henry Schein® Dental Specialities Group. Ortho Organizers provides a vast array of innoavative products, srvices, and educational courses to help build a succsessful pratice. The company’s product offering includes the Carriere® System, Triumph® Orthodionic Instruments, and the Maestro® Bracket System. For more information contact USASales@OrthoOrganizers.com or visit our website and www.orthoorganizers.com

Contact information

Email: nadine.martranchard@henryschein.com
Phone: +1 760 448 8738
Website: www.orthoorganizers.com